We want to recommend highly "Smart Choice Insulation and Roofing." Our home had a good roof for 25 years and then needed to be redone. We had a company redo it - turned out they didn't do a very good job! We began to notice leaks here and there, staining our ceiling and worse yet, water damages to our piano and other items in our home. We asked Smart Choice if they would foam and insulate a new roof for us, and they did. We have had absolutely NO more problems! What a relief! Another plus was the change in our heating and cooling systems and resulting cost savings. For heating, we could turn the thermostat lower and still be warm, and the air conditioner higher, and still be cool!  We are grateful for our new roof, and we thank Smart Choice Insulation & Roofing for their top notch work!

 Linda McCroskey Thomason 

541-480-8670 / 509-699-9344