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Residential Energy Efficiency Tax Credit


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air pollution - one of the five most urgent environmental issues 

During the 1990's the EPA rated air pollution as one of the five most urgent environmental issues, accounting for over $1 billion in direct health case costs annually.  The culprit is improper ventilation and poor building practices.  According to the  American Lung Association, in excess of 40% of American households have at least one person suffering from asthma or allergies making the quality of indoor air crucial to their good health.  Properly insulating a home can have a positive impact on the quality of indoor air.

The Durable, safe & Green choice                                                                                 

Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) is an inert plastic; it does not shrink, sag, settle, slip, turn to dust or decline in R-value over time. It offers no food value to bacteria, fungus, termites, carpenter ants or rodents.  It has been used successfully in residential and commercial buildings across North America and other countries for over 40 years and has been evaluated and approved for use in both the United States and Canada.    

A quieter home

The unique air sealing qualities of spray foam will have a significant effect on reducing the sound penetrating your home.  It's a real advantage if you live near a busy street or airport.  Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) is also ideal for sound proofing interior walls in your media room, bedroom, or washroom.  SPF is also especially beneficial around plumbing stacks and laundry rooms to reduce the sound of water rushing to drainage below.     

Fresher air will help ensure a better night's sleep and you won't have to open your windows to achieve it.  Humidity can be better controlled so you can eliminate the health concerns about molds and mildews.


Improving indoor air quality is a goal of many homeowners, especially for those suffering from allergies,

asthma, or other respiratory problems.  Smart Choice Insulation and Roofing, Inc., offers the ability to

completely air seal the building envelope in new construction.  By eliminating random air leakage, the penetration of dust, allergens, and pollutants can be significantly reduced.  It allows you to develop a controlled indoor environment so you can design your heating and cooling equipment to maximize air quality.